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Welcome to the Web Site of Sarum Guitars


We are located in The Cross Keys Shopping Centre in Salisbury Wiltshire

Our Opening Times are 10.30am – 4.30pm Tuesday - Saturday

Sarum Guitars Buy Pre Loved Guitars and Amplifiers for Cash.

We will pay Top Prices for any Guitar or Amplifier and other accessories including Guitar Pedals that are re-sellable. Sarum Guitars pay the best prices for used Guitars and Amplifiers, subject to checks.


Our Instruments are only sold in store. 

Customers are invited to call in person to view and try the instrument before you buy.



We sell all types of Guitars including Bass Guitars, Acoustic, and Semi Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Classical Guitars, Ukuleles, Electronic Drum Kits and a whole range of Guitar String Choices along with other accessories.



We always have a huge stock of Guitar and Bass Amplifiers. We stock amplifiers of different types and power ranges to suit all the instruments that we sell.

We stock several tube amps at any one time


We cater for both left and right handed people.



Sarum Guitars Offers a whole range of services that include Guitar Setups, A Guitar and Bass Guitar Restringing Service, Amplifier and Guitar Repair Services and we offer Guitar Lessons that cover all ages from age 8 and upwards.



Our Guitar lessons are offered one to one only with the student and the teacher and they last for one hour. Please contact Sarum Guitars to enquire about any of our services or products.

Trade in's & Part Exchanges

Sarum Guitars will offer you sensible prices on part exchange Instruments that you may wish to trade in or sell to us. We also buy pre loved Guitars and Guitar Amplifiers that are in good condition .

Deposits on Instruments


Sarum Guitars may take deposits to hold Instruments for short periods at our discretion.


Please feel free to come and view our lovely Guitars and Amps at Sarum Guitars, 15 The Cross Keys Shopping Mall, Salisbury Wiltshire. SP1 IEL

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